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For Photographers

Renae Mona Photography has paired together with Cheyenne Comerford Photography to start hosting workshops and styled photoshoots! Both being equine photographers, we are proud to be able to educate other photographers about the special requirements while photographing horses.  


Renae and Cheyenne have worked together since roughly 2018, and have covered weddings, events, and equine sports photography side-by-side.  


About the photographers:

Renae has owned Renae Mona Photography since 2015, but has been capturing photos of horses and their riders for much longer than that.  She prides herself on capturing emotional photos of horses and their people which demonstrate the special bond of their partnership.  Renae is an award winning photography artist, who has been published in several different equine-based magazines and articles.  Renae works with private clients, photographing them and their horses, and really enjoys doing equine portraiture work.  Renae is also the official track photographer at Northville Downs.  She is a proud member of the Professional Photographers Alliance. 

"I'm really excited to start adding workshops and styled shoots to my workflow," says Renae.  "I think it will be really fun to educate photographers who aren't really into the equestrian community on all of the specifics when photographing horses.  I see a lot of photographers really excited to take on work with horses, I really want to help the photography community learn on how they could wow their client!  As an equestrian myself, I know just how poorly a horse can be demonstrated with photos that have the wrong timing of their gait, or are just an unflattering angle for the horse." 

Cheyenne has been photographing horses for 10 years.  She is an equestrian herself, and has been involved with horses since childhood.  Cheyenne is also a published photographer, and has been featured in the NRHA Reiner.  She is also heavily involved in portrait and music photography, and has had the opportunity to photograph big name musicians at their concerts and shows.  

"Equine portraiture and horse and rider shoots will always be one of my favorite things," Cheyenne says.  "The bond that I have with my horse is the most special thing in the world and I love capturing that feeling for other people."


Renae Mona Photography is collaborating with Cheyenne Comerford Photography  in June for a very exciting Equine Photography workshop. 


Current Dates:

June 26th (rain date is June 29th) @ 4:30 pm

Stay tuned for more info.


Styled Photoshoots

It is my goal to host at minimum one styled shoot per quarter.

Stay tuned for more info.

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